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4 Signs You Should Use Shock-Absorbing Caster Wheels on Your Carts

You might think that all caster wheels are much the same, but you'd be mistaken. There are actually several different types designed to meet certain needs. For example, shock-absorbing caster wheels are spring-loaded to minimize shocks, and they offer several compelling advantages.

Of course, shock-absorbing caster wheels aren't always necessary, but here are just four common signs you might want to use them with your carts.

1. You're Moving Delicate Cargo

Most of the time, carts with castor wheels aren't used to carry anything too delicate, but that isn't always the case. For example, you might use a cart with several shelves to move around plates and other dishes. If your cargo is delicate, you'll want to prevent items moving around and getting damaged, and shock-absorbing caster wheels can make that happen. Even if your flooring is perfectly smooth, traditional caster wheels can send vibrations up through the cart. Shock-absorbing wheels will help prevent that from happening.

2. Your Cargo Is Dropped or Dumped

All caster wheels have certain weight ratings. Problem is, they might suffer damage even if you don't technically exceed those ratings. This often happens when heavy loads are dropped or dumped on a cart with caster wheels; the impact of cargo produces more downward force than the caster wheels can stand, even when the cargo doesn't weigh too much. Shock-absorbing caster wheels provide a cushion that prevents that impact force doing damage.

3. Your Surfaces Aren't Ideal

Let's say you need to roll a laden cart over a cracked or uneven floor. Fixed caster wheels aren't going to provide any cushioning, so your cargo is going to get rocked around; the effect will be much like driving over cobblestones in a car with no suspension system. Even if the cargo isn't damaged, the cart will be harder to push. It's also much easier to lose control when the cart is juddering around. Shock-absorbing wheels move with uneven surfaces to make the movement smoother.

4. Your Flooring Is Prone to Damage

It isn't just your cargo you need to worry about. If you're rolling laden carts across relatively delicate flooring, you could cause damage over time. Industrial flooring isn't going to have such a problem, but if you sometimes need to travel over surfaces like wood or tile, you'll want to choose shock-absorbing caster wheels to prevent damage. Even if your cargo isn't affected by vibrations and judders, your flooring will be.

For more information about your options for castor wheels, contact a local supplier.