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Top Facts About Winter Tyres

The performance of car tyres depends on road conditions. Therefore, do not expect your highway tyres to get you through your upcoming off-road trip. Similarly, automotive tyres perform differently in various weather conditions. It is the reason motorists are advised to use winter tyres during severe snow conditions. If you use regular tyres in snowy conditions, you will struggle to handle your vehicle, exposing yourself to road accidents. Thus, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with a few facts regarding winter tyres before buying a set.

Better Performance in Sets of Four

Manufacturers often advise motorists to replace regular tyres in sets of two. For instance, if one of the front wheels is worn out, a motorist should replace both. It ensures that the tyres wear out evenly and allows a driver greater control. However, when installing winter tyres, you can only achieve optimal performance by installing them in sets of fours, not twos. The reason is that severe snow conditions affect the performance of all four wheels equally. Therefore, you will not get far by driving on two winter tyres and two regular tyres. For optimal traction, ensure that all four tyres are suited for winter conditions.

Winter Tyres Do Not Harden

If you drive your vehicle in severe snow with regular tyres, they will harden and start to crack, which is the last thing you want because you can get stranded in the middle of nowhere. It happens because regular tyres have less natural rubber and silica, making them susceptible to hardening. However, quality winter tyres do not harden even in sub-zero temperatures. Unlike standard tyres, the compound in winter tyres is rich in natural rubber and advanced silica ensures that they retain their structure regardless of low temperatures. Therefore, inquire about the type of rubber and silica used in the winter tyres you want to buy to avoid ending up with a substandard product.

Available for Most Cars

There is a common misconception that winter tyres are only available for select types of vehicles. While it was the case when the technology was first introduced, things have changed. In fact, winter tyres are increasingly becoming popular because they come in varying sizes for different-sized vehicles. For example, it was nearly impossible to find winter tyres with run-flat technology a few years ago. However, tyre manufacturers today make snow tyres for all vehicle types that require run-flat wheels. Therefore, whether you drive a truck, a 4WD, or a 2WD, you can rest assured that you will find winter tyres, which suit your vehicle's needs.

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