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Tips for Installing Castors Underneath Your Equipment

You might have decided that installing castors underneath some of your equipment would be a good idea since you might like the idea of being able to move your equipment around for more convenient use, ease of cleaning your facility and more. You'll want to be sure that you install your castors properly, and these tips should help.

Make Sure You Buy Industrial Castors

People use castors for all sorts of things, and it's certainly possible to find castors that are meant for lighter applications. For example, there are castors that can be installed on the furniture in your home or the desk in an office. However, these are not the same types of castors that you're going to want to use for industrial equipment. To choose castors that will hold up well and that will be able to hold the weight of your industrial equipment, you'll need to look for those that are meant for industrial purposes.

Compare Power-Driven and Manual-Driven Castors

The first industrial castors that you might think about are manual-driven castors. These are castors that don't have any power; if you want to push around your equipment, you'll have to push it yourself. However, there are also power-driven castors with motors. These are useful if you're looking for castors to install underneath heavy equipment since it will make it much easier for you to move your heavier equipment around. Power-driven castors are also often faster, so if you want to be able to push your equipment around more quickly, they're a good solution as well.

Make Sure They Have Brakes

Of course, the whole reason why you're installing castors underneath your equipment is that you want to be able to move your equipment around when you want to. However, there will also be times when you'll want your equipment to be stationary. To help ensure that your equipment doesn't roll around when you don't want it to, you'll want to pick castors that have nice, secure brakes that can handle the weight of your equipment.

Make Sure They're Secured Properly

Lastly, once you have chosen your castors and are ready to install them, you'll need to be sure they're secured properly. You'll probably want to use industrial-grade fasteners, for example, since they will be more durable and long-lasting.

If you're ready to install castors underneath your equipment, you'll want to keep the above things in mind. Soon, you can enjoy the advantages of having castors underneath your equipment, and you can feel confident that you have purchased the right castors and installed them the right way.