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How Does Driving on Misaligned Tyres Impact Your Safety?

In an ideal world, your car's tyres would always be perfectly aligned. Unfortunately, anything from running over a pothole to clipping the curb can knock your wheels out of alignment. That's why most maintenance schedules have tyre alignments set whenever you visit for servicing. You've probably heard that having your tyres aligned is a good idea, but you might not appreciate how misaligned tyres impact your safety.

Here are just a few ways driving on misaligned tyres makes your drive less safe.

Increased Risk of Blowouts

One of the major issues associated with misaligned tyres is uneven wear. One section of the tyre will be meeting the road more than it should, so the tread on that section will wear down faster than on others, often producing odd bald patches on your tyres. Uneven wear creates weak spots, and misalignment often places greater pressure on the worn section. As such, misalignment increases the chances of a blowout. That can be extremely distracting when you're driving at speed, and it's all too common for drivers to lose control.

Improper Traction

As mentioned above, uneven tyre wear is one result of misaligned wheels, and it's a consequence with safety risks beyond an increased chance of blowouts. Because the tread on one part of your tyres wears down too fast, your wheels won't grip the road surface as well as they should. Whether you're going around a corner or tackling roads slick with rain or snow, your tyres are more likely to lose traction and slip.

Unresponsive Handling

When your tyres are misaligned, they don't roll true. This might not produce any huge differences in your drive at first, but you'll eventually notice the vehicle dragging to one side as a misaligned tyre creates friction with the road below. You'll need to work harder to maintain control, and you might notice the steering wheel failing to return to centre after a turn. These issues are relatively easy to deal with under average conditions, but they could be the difference between staying safe and getting in an accident if you ever need to make sharp turns or quickly manoeuvre to avoid a collision.

Unpredictable Braking

Wheels that don't turn properly don't brake properly. At best, you might experience a jerk forward when you stop, which can lead to a loss of a control. At worst, hitting the brakes for an emergency stop can increase the effect of sideways drags and send your car into a spin.

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