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Why You May Never Have to Fiddle with Stubborn Lug Nuts Again

Have you noticed just how much junk litters the roads around your town or city? You may wonder why people are so blasé and allow this to happen, and you may also wonder if the local council makes any effort to clean it all up. Often, this can be a source of irritation but sometimes it can be even worse, especially if you happen to pick up a puncture when you run over a nail. If you've recently suffered from this inconvenience you know how difficult it can be to replace the offending item or how long it can take to wait around for any assistance. Maybe it's time for you to eliminate this risk in the future by fitting run-flat tyres instead.

Tech to the Rescue

This technology is becoming more widespread in the consumer market and can certainly eliminate the need to fiddle with any jack or try to remove stubborn wheel nuts. These tyres originated in the world of motorsports and especially long-distance endurance events, and they can now provide temporary relief for you so you can get to a nearby garage.

How Does This Work?

Run-flat tyres are made with reinforced sidewalls and specially-toughened rubber inserts. This will allow the cover to retain its composure should all of the air inside escape through a cut. Without these reinforcements, a conventional tyre would simply collapse under the weight of the car above, pushing down towards the road and allowing the wheel rim to scrape on the road surface instead.

Not a Permanent Fix

Of course, this technology is not meant to be a permanent solution should you pick up a puncture but is meant to provide temporary relief instead. You should slow down and drive at reduced speed and make arrangements to get to your nearest tyre supplier so that you can ask somebody else to do the dirty work.

One Time Only

Unfortunately, these tyres are not meant to be replaced should you use them in their run-flat mode. Manufacturers suggest that their integrity may be compromised, and they would rather you buy a new one to be safe.

Configuring Your Vehicle

Many modern vehicles are configured to allow this type of technology without any further modification, but if you have an older car you will need to add additional equipment before you can fit these covers. Make sure you have a tyre pressure monitoring system on board, so you will be alerted if you do pick up a puncture. Otherwise, you may not know about the unfolding situation and might drive at unrestricted speeds or for a greater distance than is recommended.

If you're in the market for new tyres, consider looking into run-flat tyres as a potential option.