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Why Use Solid Fill Tyres on Your Earthmovers

Keeping your earthmovers in working order is important. You can't afford to have a lot of delays on site because you need to repair or replace something on the machine

While your earthmovers themselves are robust and generally problem-free, their tyres may cause more problems. Switching from regular tyres to solid fill models has some benefits that are worth considering.

What are solid fill tyres and how can they keep your earthmovers working more consistently?

What Are Solid Fill Tyres?

Regular tyres are filled with air. Solid fill tyres replace this air with a filling material. This can be a solid rubber fill that is built into the tyre. Or it can be a foam or polymer material that is injected into a regular tyre to make it solid inside.

What Are the Benefits of Solid Fill Tyres?

The tyres on your earthmovers don't have an easy life. They may be tougher than regular tyres, but they have to deal with rough terrain and ground hazards that can damage them.

If something sharp gets embedded in one of your tyres, then the tyre may puncture or rip. This lets the air out of the tyre. You have to stop work to repair the tyre or replace it if it is badly damaged.

At the very least, this holds up your project. If you have to regularly fit new tyres, then this could also cost you a lot of money.

Solid fill tyres are less likely to get damaged even on the roughest terrain. Even if a tyre was to get a puncture or a rip, your earthmover could continue working. The tyre doesn't have any air in it, so it can't deflate. Its solid fill keeps it in shape and working order.

You also don't have to worry about tyre pressure with solid fill tyres. Regular tyres may lose pressure. If tyres are too soft, they have less traction and grip and are more prone to damage.

Solid fill options stay firm automatically. They don't lose grip or traction. This makes them work consistently for longer without needing any maintenance. They may also last longer than regular tyres generally.

If you have to do a lot of repair or replacement work on your current air-filled tyres, then switching to solid fill is worth considering. To find out more about the benefits of using solid tyres, talk to your tyre supplier.