Is Your Car Trailer Invisible at Night?

If you tow a trailer behind your vehicle on a regular basis, it's your responsibility to make sure that it is road legal and can be seen by other drivers. After all, you always want to be safe and want to protect the valuable equipment that you're hauling. Yet many people take this equipment for granted and will only carry out rudimentary checks from time to time. In other words, they consider the trailer to be utilitarian, a relatively simple device and something they can always rely on. [Read More]

Why Use Solid Fill Tyres on Your Earthmovers

Keeping your earthmovers in working order is important. You can't afford to have a lot of delays on site because you need to repair or replace something on the machine While your earthmovers themselves are robust and generally problem-free, their tyres may cause more problems. Switching from regular tyres to solid fill models has some benefits that are worth considering. What are solid fill tyres and how can they keep your earthmovers working more consistently? [Read More]

What Wheel Checks Should You Make on Your Car?

When your car is serviced, all sorts of mechanical checks are completed to make sure that it is running properly and that its safety systems are also functioning in the way that they should. Among the many things that are included in a full car service are checks that are made to your vehicle's wheels. The mechanic in question may, for example, make a thorough inspection of your car's power steering system to ensure that your front wheels turn together correctly with a good alignment. [Read More]

Why You May Never Have to Fiddle with Stubborn Lug Nuts Again

Have you noticed just how much junk litters the roads around your town or city? You may wonder why people are so blasé and allow this to happen, and you may also wonder if the local council makes any effort to clean it all up. Often, this can be a source of irritation but sometimes it can be even worse, especially if you happen to pick up a puncture when you run over a nail. [Read More]